Creations by Max Rubenacker

Greetings. Welcome to Something Formed, my publishing imprint. You probably arrived here because we've been discussing art or some kind of design. A lot of exciting developments are going on behind the scenes, so for right now I wanted to share some links with you. These represent the best places online where you can learn some more about me and my process. I hope you enjoy, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Drop me a line: max at somethingformed dot com.

Find out when something forms.

Twitter holds momentary snapshots of my latest inspiration. Centers around my love of design, surrealism, glitch, cyberpunk, archaeology, social awareness, history.

Google Plus began as my artist's notebook in 2011 when I reinvented my online identity with a new focus on professional creativity. Most active during 2012-13, I gathered a large following and grew art communities such as the successful knowledge-sharing group Friday Art Confab.

LinkedIn has the usual professional information you probably expect. Constantly in process with updates and revisions, currently being rennovated for summer 2015.

Tumblr index of work on some projects I have been doing for myself and others over the past few years. Works are tagged yet minimally described to encourage exploration.

Flickr now exists for legacy reasons, collecting some Instagram photos and earlier forays into photography, with emphasis on textures and street scenes and candid portraiture.

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